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Digital results without compromise

Experienced consultants in the discipline of performance marketing. Expertise in digital scaling and growth hacking.

Analytical and full-blooded datadriven advertisement warriors.
All of our strategies are based on numbers and analytics – we do not do any guessing.

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US Dollars spend on digital marketing.
Average return on ad spend for our clients.
»Nicklas is a talent without equal when it comes to Facebook marketing, he has managed to elevate our Facebook advertising to new heights that no other agency has ever been able to, while at the same time the price of a conversion has dropped drastically! «

Gzim Sokoli

Co-Owner @

Results without compromise

Data Driven advertising for maximised digital growth.

We don’t settle for solutions of only management of your digital advertisement.
We also focus on the business as a whole and contributes as sparrings partners on your business development.

What does other say?

“Nicklas is super skilled at delivering quickly and efficiently. He contributes to strategic development opportunities and has a large back catalog of experiences to draw on. He is up to date with the latest developments within Facebook and can find solutions to the most complex challenges. ”
Katrine Grønbek-Svendsen
CMO @ Leadtime ApS
"There are far too many so-called experts out there who have a meager correspondence course. Nicklas is not one of them. He is a top professional. He is a formidable sparring partner both in terms of Facebook advertising and business strategy. Can only be recommended if you want to bring your business to whole new heights. ”
Johannes Strange
Driftsleder @ Creol
“Great onboarding experience, everything is managed quickly and communication is great. Always feel as though ads are being optimised continuously and new strategies are being tested. Definitely recommend!”
Lindsay Swaik
Head of sales & Marketing @ KFBeauty
"No one reaches a curious and genuine facebook nerd at their fingertips, like Nicklas. I have had the pleasure, on several occasions, of collaborating with Nicklas around facebook advertising, strategy and go-to-market execution. I learn something every time as Nicklas knows how to explain it at a level where everyone can join. in"
Mads Hartmann
Partner @ BoomBoomGG
“We can highly recommend Oaksmond. Nicklas is an extremely competent in Facebook advertising with a great business understanding which makes him the best in his field. He has really lifted our newly started company to a height we only dared to dream of. ”
Peder & Ryan
Bagermestre @ Ølands Surdejsbageri
“Malthe has been an invaluable help in our startup. He has taken care of EVERYTHING in connection with Google Ads - he has even made Google our biggest sales channel. "
Stefanie Bork

Meet the nerds

Strong analytical and data-driven Facebook specialist and growth hacker.

Worked and assisted several major scale-up and gazelle companies with their digital marketing efforts both domestically and abroad.

Nicklas has great strength in concept and strategy development, in which not only relieving the effort on the digital media, he also contributes with business sparring with a view of the entire company.

Nicklas has also acted as a consultant at several of the country’s media houses, in which he has helped them with internal training of marketing departments and acted as an external consultant on their customer portfolios.

Keywords: eCommerce, B2B, D2C & scaling abroad.


Nicklas Mortensen

Experienced Google Ads specialist with several years of experience.

Malthe comes from the agency industry in which he was the prime mover on their Google Ads customers and helped increase digital volume with more.

Today he is an external consultant at several marketing houses, in which he helps in training and sparring on their customers.

In addition to media houses, he sits on several major eCommerce cases where he spends millions a month on ad spending.

Malthe has great experience on all of Google products and understands how to expand infrastructures with a focus on increasing volume.

Keywords eCommerce, B2B, D2C & scaling abroad.

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